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Debt collection was once thought to be a job only for people who were of rugged nature. However, unlike debt collectors that operate in the gray area Our Associates established our professional Debt collection service to operate only under ethical and legal guidelines. Our professional experience over the years has proven that with the right approach it is not hard to recover debt even by using legal and ethical approaches. As a matter of fact, many of our clients have come to us over the years because we have been able to guarantee them high quality debt collection without comprising their image.

  • Integrity
  • Commitment to client service
  • Providing rational legal advice


As our business grew Our Associates wanted to make sure that the experts Our Associates hire adhered to our high standards and methods of recovery. In order to do that Our Associates handpicked a team of experts, many of whom were not very experienced. The reason for hiring them was so that Our Associates could train them in the art of ethical recovery. Our Associates intensive mentoring and training programs have ensured that today every one of our debt recovery experts now adhere to our high standards..

Their training and experience enable them to provide a high standard of advice and legal expertise in every case. As a law firm, our capacity to practice local law in each of the jurisdictions – and the ability of each of our certified litigators to have rights of audience before local courts – is a unique supremacy that truly sets us apart from our rivals. But on an important note, our strength comes from our clients’ belief that we will give them the quality of service that is suitable for them. It’s our business to find creative and commercial legal solutions whilst focusing on making the law work for you. Our lawyers originate from a diverse range of backgrounds, many having qualified and practiced in Western and other Middle Eastern jurisdictions, with in-house as well as private practice experience. Our market pre-eminent team of consultants has rights of audience in all courts and tribunals of UAE. Our lawyers are fluent in English, Arabic and are also familiar with other languages in the region. As a consequence of the quality and diversity of our lawyers, we continue to be endowed to advice on the most pioneering, complex and tactical projects regarding mainly Labour Law in UAE.

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